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Nebraska pile snow goose hunting
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Our Nebraska snow goose hunting guides invite you to witness one of nature’s great wonders. Millions of snow geese leave their southern wintering grounds and begin their migration north to spring/summer breeding grounds. Continuous lines of snows, lasting 24-hours a day at times, are witnessed regularly during the spring conservation season. As you can see from the migration map, Nebraska is right in the zone for to take advantage of this mass migration.

As a result, these geese have been labeled as “overpopulated” and there is no bag limit on these birds. Put as many shells in your magazine as it will hold and shoot as many geese as you can. We’ll put you in prime locations to capitalize on this migration.

We have access to over 10K acres as well as a lodge approx 1 hour south of Lincoln, NE. You’ll have a place to sleep at night as well as take a shower, enjoy home cooked meals, and kick back with your friends.

  • If the below packages are more than you’re looking for, please get in touch as we can refer you to outfitters who do “day” hunts.

Guided Nebraska Snow Goose Hunt pricing:

Hunts will be run between Feb 25 – Mar 10

  • 2-days with meals, snacks, and lodging: $1400
  • 2-days with meals, snacks, lodging, bird cleaning, guns & ammo: $1800
  • 3-days with meals, snacks, and lodging: $2000
  • 3-days with meals, snacks, lodging, bird cleaning, guns & ammo: $2400

All Guided Hunts include

  • Guide services
  • Decoys
  • Blind
  • Electronic callers
  • Bird retrieving

There are no pits in these fields as snow geese move all over on a regular basis. You’ll be hunting in an A-frame, layout, or backboard.

These hunts all occur in fields so you won’t need waders. Nebraska weather is ever changing so dressing in layers is highly recommended. Long underwear, warm pants and shirts, as well as jackets, and even waterproof gear may be needed

If you’re interested in doing it yourself, check out our “Waterfowl Hunting Club” page. Our club offers something for everyone.

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