Colorado Waterfowl Hunting With Birds and Bucks

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If you’re looking for a guided hunting trip, please visit our “Guided Colorado Duck Hunting” or “Guided Colorado Goose Hunting” pages.

There are many Colorado waterfowl hunting clubs, however, we designed ours with input from members who expressed what their needs are. With top notch lakes and ponds, fields with pits in major flyways, and river bottom positioned right between two major roosts, B&B waterfowl will give you every opportunity imaginable. Rules and procedures were developed to give everyone a fair chance to get into the birds (see club questions page for more detailed info). Whether you’re new to the sport, are mentoring greenwings, or are an experienced hunter, our club can meet your every need. Dove hunting, fishing, and dog training are also offered to club members.

Colorado duck hunting doesn’t get any better as we have properties on which you can harvest birds from the beginning of teal season in September to the end of regular duck season in January. Our ponds and lakes attract early puddle ducks and, after the freeze, you can hunt our river bottom or put some spinners up in a field and watch ducks pour in by the hundreds. For more specific information on our duck hunting, please visit the “Club Duck Hunting” page.

Goose hunting in Colorado can be phenomenal and we’ve acquired fields in multiple flyways to get you onto them. Geese tend to move around and will look for open water. If they move from one area to another, you’ll be ready. 6-person pits with lids and comfortable blinds to shoot geese on the ice will make your hunting experience much more enjoyable. Our members can also take advantage of the early goose season with open water to the west of highway 85. For more specific information, please visit our “Club Goose Hunting” page.

Concerned about getting a spot? Our reservation system takes the “favoritism” out of assigning blinds with a random draw and giving priority to those who invest their time and energy into improving club conditions.

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