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Well Colorado Duck Hunting Club

Early and late season duck hunting in Colorado can be incredible and our northern Colorado duck hunting club is second to none. With a full-year or late season membership, you’ll be able to take advantage of key areas at the best times. Look at the latest Colorado waterfowl hunting regulations here

Early season open water spots near Wellington, north of Greeley, and Atwood are key to our members having the opportunity to capitalize on multiple areas of birds. Our random draw reservation system ensures properties are well rested. We also have a system that gives members who put workdays in priority blind selection.

Comfortable blinds on our ponds mean you can “drive up and drop” then hunt in comfort and warmth: a staple of our Colorado duck hunting club. These blinds are also very functional when it comes time to hunt the ice. 1-mile of river bottom near Atwood gets absolutely loaded with birds during the cold months. We’ll have 2 blinds installed on this property for everyone to use at their leisure.

It’s widely said that you haven’t lived unless you’ve experienced a field duck shoot. You hear a few quacks and feeder call and, next thing you know, a couple hundred ducks are buzzing your decoys. The only issue is picking one duck at a time to shoot. You’ll get access to these fields through the random draw and shoot quick limits.

One demand from our members was the need for a year round property to train dogs and fish. Our property north of Greeley provides just that opportunity. Bass up to 10lbs have been caught and you’re welcome to store a boat. The family and kids are welcome so they can enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.

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