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Colorado Duck Hunting Guides
Corn field mallard hunt

If the fast paced action of whistling wings everywhere is your thing, then we highly recommend booking a trip with our Colorado duck hunting guides. Whether you prefer an early season open water or a late season hunt, we have the experience and properties to put the birds right in your face. Click here for duck hunting season dates and license fees.

Colorado Duck Hunting Prices

  • All duck hunts $250 per person
    • Early season hunts 1/2 day
    • Late season hunts full day or until limits

All Guided Hunts include

  • Guide services
  • Decoys
  • Blind

We have numerous lakes, ponds and river bottom to duck hunt over. If you hit it right, we’ll get you into a corn field where you can experience one of greatest undertakings in duck hunting, field ducks. Imagine 10 or so ducks bombing onto a few spinners, then about 10 more join those. Numbers build until you have a few hundred buzzing over your dekes. You hear hens quacking, drakes “dwitting”, highball calls, and even a few pintail, widgeon, and gadwall calls. When your guide says “take em”, you’re not where to aim or which one to shoot but after a few of those high adrenaline flights, you have a pile on the ground you can’t believe.

Lab Guided Duck Hunt in Colorado

You may or may not need waders for your hunt. If you don’t own a set of waders, please communicate that to your guide before your hunt so appropriate arrangements can be made. We do have loaners as well as locations where waders won’t be necessary

If you’re interested in doing it yourself, check out our “Waterfowl Hunting Club” page. Our club offers something for everyone.

Greenheads Colorado Guided Duck Hunt
Guides for Colorado Duck Hunting
Tailgate pile

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