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Colorado Elk Hunting

Whether you prefer to use bow, muzzleloader, or want to go for a more modern rifle hunt, there’s nothing more exciting than Colorado elk hunting. Our outfitters have DIY, Semi-Guided, and Fully Guided options available. Bulls up to 370″ have been taken and many freezers have been filled with late season.

If you have preference points, you can get onto a much wider variety of hunts with larger bulls. Plenty of large bulls have been harvested with over the counter tags as well so get in touch whether you have points or not. 

Check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Big Game page for more specific information about season dates and fees.

Archery or Muzzleloader

Listening to a bull elk bugle as it’s coming towards you can be one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable. All of a sudden, this majestic animal appears and the opportunity you’ve been waiting for occurs. Drawing your bow or pulling the trigger becomes a monumental task as you’re shaking more than you imagined you ever would. After the experience, you swear you’ll never miss another opportunity to hunt these animals in rut.

There are many pricing options available depending on the level of service you would like. Many DIY and Semi-Guided options go for as little as $1750. Fully Guided options range from $3500-$9500 and can be 2X1 or 1X1. Get in touch through the “Contact Us” link and we’ll get you onto the hunt that suits you best.


These hunts pursue cows as well as legal and trophy bulls depending on what you choose. Some hunts require drawing a tag where others will be over the counter. Once again, if you have preference points, your chances of getting onto a more quality animal increase drastically. We regularly get landowner vouchers which also greatly increase your odds.

One of the cheapest options is a semi-guided hunt for $1,750. This will include one animal but you can work with the outfitter to harvest multiple elk. Food and lodging are not included but are easily acquired.

If you’re looking for a fully-guided option, we can get you onto a hunt that includes all meals and lodging as well as a guide that will put you onto an animal. These hunts range in price from $3500-$9500.

Please get in touch through our “Contact Us” link so we can visit about what hunt would suit you best.

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