Colorado Waterfowl Club Pricing

Our club has been restructured for the 2018-2019 hunting season. Two types of memberships will be offered:

Full-Year memberships

  • There will be 3 groups that will rotate between our four water properties.
  • Groups will consist of 4-5 members per.
  • Each slot in the group will cost $2000-$2500 ($2000 for groups of 5 and $2500 for groups of 4)
  • Memberships will begin at date money is received and conclude March 31st.
  • Fishing, dog training, as well as dove, early teal, and all duck and goose seasons are included.
  • Once pits are in fields and/or the first duck split ends, these groups will enter the random draw for blinds.
  • Please inquire about guest policies.

Late Season Memberships

  • $750 – Single late season membership. One member named to the club. May bring one guest each time you hunt. Additional guests $50 each.
  • $1395 – Friends membership. Two named members to the club who can each bring a guest. This package is also used by people who like to take 2-3 guests each time.
  • $1995 – “All inclusive” membership. May have three named members to the club, each of which can take a guest.

We do conduct work days on a regular basis, which are great times for members to get acquainted. “Reservation Points” are also awarded to members who put in 4-hour workdays. These points are utilized by members to reserve blinds before our random drawing on Thursday nights (see “club questions” page for a more detailed description).

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