One of the families in our hunt club tragically lost their home in the Marshall fire and we would like to do what we can to help out. The only things this family was able to save were their pets and the clothes on their backs. Yes, insurance is covering most of their losses but any and all help is much appreciated everything is lost.

Mr. Karl Mecklenburg is generously donating his time to hunt with the group that makes the highest bid on this donated 5-gun hunt. It can be used this season or during early duck season of the 22-23 waterfowl season, which concludes towards the end of November.

We’re going to begin the auction on Tuesday January 18th and end 5pm Monday January 24th at 5pm. We’ll begin the bidding at $500. Please enter your bid in the comments section below.

When you bid, please follow up with an email to


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