We’ve been getting quite a few questions about how much to tip guides while goose hunting in Colorado. Understanding everyone is working on a budget, hope this article provides some clarity.
When considering the amount to tip, please keep in mind the amount of work that goes into a day of hunting. Very often times, guides put an incredible amount of work into scouting and preparing materials for hunts before you even arrive. While this is a labor of love for them, and they get a per gun fee, the bills do pile up.
When dining at a restaurant, 15% on your tab is the standard amount of gratuity for wait staff. You may be at your table for an hour or two and your waiter has been provided with everything they need to do their job. For goose hunting in Colorado, guides put way more hours in and put thousands of miles on their trucks driving to places like Wellington, Wiggins, and even as far out as Merino. They also provide their own gas, decoys, trailers, repair expenses, etc. Even if hunting is tough, these bills stay the same.
The current staff of Birds & Bucks is truly the most talented and professional I’ve ever worked with. I’m constantly amazed at their level of commitment and no task seems to large or small for them to tackle. These guys could easily move onto much more lucrative careers.
Cost of our hunts is $250 and a $50 tip is about 20% (Click HERE for more info on our guided hunts). Some clients generously tip $100 each time they go out and we occasionally get a person who leaves without giving anything, no matter what the results. Please consider all of the above factors when tipping your guide for a hard day’s work and everything that has gone into it.
For additional reading on gratuities for guides, click HERE
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