When people call looking for a Colorado Guided Goose Hunt, we can tell if they’re new to the sport or experienced hunters. Many are obsessed with getting birds to the point where they’ll do anything for an opportunity. We end our calls by emphasizing that a great day of hunting consists of everyone being safe while many memories are created. Harvests are a bonus and there’s always a rehunt if you are things didn’t work out.

As Colorado Goose Hunting guides, we see this almost daily. People show up so excited, they forget how to load their own gun and are shaking so much they can’t insert shells in the magazine. What guides are instructed to do at that point is have everyone sit quietly for a minute and take a deep breath and check safeties. No bird is worth sacrificing safety.

Once, a client announced he didn’t hunt with his safety on after the guide conducted a safety speech. They all thought he was joking but learned he wasn’t. An opportunity on geese came and the hunters gun discharged in the pit. This blew a hole through the bottom of the lid. Scared beyond belief, the guide immediately attempted to figure out what happened. When the hunter fessed up, the guide and all hunters in the pit told him to put his safety on from now on or get out. He reluctantly did so but let everyone know he thought “safeties are stupid and are only used by people who don’t know how to hunt”. His hunt came to a quick halt a few minutes later when he fired over the guides head, “ringing his bell”. The hunter was kicked out of the pit, never to be heard from again.

A Colorado guided goose hunt out of a pit can be a delight as long as the basic safety rules are followed. The fact that everyone stands up to shoot and it’s very easy for someone to swing their gun and shoot over one, or many hunters heads, can be terrifying. Much hearing has been lost by guns discharging too close to heads or ears and there’s an occasional story about a hunter being killed when another gets too excited and forgets about safety.

A basic rule is 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Stand up in the pit and look at a 90 degree angle out into the field. Where would 10 and 2 be from there? Those are your lanes. PLEASE stick to em. Rules are obviously different for hunters at the ends.

It’s always a good idea to shoulder your gun and identify decoys that will keep you in you lanes. Hunters also need to hold one another accountable as well so don’t be afraid to have a conversation with a person who may be getting too excited.

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