Looking for a Colorado Guided Duck Hunt?Colorado guided duck hunt

Many people come to us asking whether they should begin with a club membership or begin with a Colorado Guided Duck Hunt. While there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question, we will attempt to narrow down what may be some determining factors to answer this question.

First of all, do you have decoys and know how to call both ducks and geese? Many people say they are “ok” callers and have a few dozen decoys. Others come to us saying they are complete beginners and need to start from “scratch”. If you’re in this boat, a club membership may help you get out on a regular basis, however, are you learning to call properly and set effective decoy spreads. Other people are also mentoring “greenwings” and want to teach youngsters properly.Guided Duck Hunt Colorado

In this case a number of Colorado guided duck hunts may be the way to go. You’ll learn from a pro who has been doing it for years and will benefit from his extensive scouting and guide experience. Our guides are also happy to teach you how to call, set spreads, and work birds.

A club membership, that allows hunters to get 50% off guided hunts may work as well. You can hire a guide and immediately get out into the field to apply the lessons you learned.

Our “yearly pass” option also comes in handy. $1400 for 8-hunts, allows you to lock in a price of $175 per hunt for the entire season. Additional hunts will also be $175. Colorado Goose Hunting GuidesYou’ll work very closely with our guides to get onto birds.

Others come to us saying they have a trailer full of decoys and┬ájust want to “do it themselves”. Obviously, a club membership would be best in this scenario. A membership allows you to access properties that span from out east near Atwood to Wellington. You can take advantage of multiple flyways and jump in on some incredible shooting.

Please get in touch with us to explore more options!

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