When will I hear from my Colorado Goose Hunting Guides?

Between 6-7pm the evening before your hunt. If you have pressing questions that need to be answered before that time, text or call Cash Hogsett at 303.870.3862

Where do I meet my guide the morning of my hunt?

We guide on properties spread from Wellington down to Ft Lupton and out to Wiggins. As migration and flight patterns are always changing, we won’t make the final determination on where to meet until the evening before you go out. Your guide will let you know when you receive your call.

Can we rent guns?

No. Our insurance doesn’t permit us to rent guns out.

What size shell/shot should we use?

If you’re hunting early season ducks, 3” #3 shot shells are very effective. For goose hunting, 3” #1-BB shells are good. Manufacturer and brand name is personal preference. It’s most recommended you find a manufacturer and brand you feel most comfortable with and stick with it.

How should we dress?

Watch weather reports and dress for the specific day. Layering up in dull colored clothing is recommended.

Is full camo necessary?

Not necessarily. Don’t go out and break the bank on new clothing. If you have dull colored clothes, that will be fine. “Hunter Orange” is not required.

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