There are so many choices of guns to buy if you decide to get into guided goose hunting in Colorado. Many beginning hunters seem to think they need to invest an incredible amount of money and buy a Benelli Super Black Eagle or other high priced auto loader. While these guns will provide years of reliable shooting, there really isn’t a need to break the bank when getting set up. 

Durability and reliability are key in a waterfowl gun. As we’ve seen, many pits don’t have OSB liners and gun holders. This Guided Goose Hunting in Coloradomakes for a dirty day as well as a filthy gun. These are the times you need a gun that’s “tried and true” and nothing is more frustrating than pulling up on a flock only to have your gun malfunction. All the time you took to prepare for the hunt becomes completely wasted in that moment.

A shotgun for ALL

There’s a saying amongst many Colorado waterfowl guides, “There’s one issue with a (insert gun model here), it’s not an 870”. Most people that have hunted for any length of time will say they always have a trusty 870 on them or standing by “just in case”. Cops have them in their cars, old timers usually have a few in their gun cases, guides keep them in front of them for clean up shots, and youngsters often learn to take their first shots with them. You may want to have a fancier gun in front of you, however, be sure to keep an 870 close. As you’ll see from the below link, an 870 is very affordable as well.

Ease of use

Besides reliability, what are some other reasons behind a Remington 870 being so highly recommended for guided goose Best Guided Goose Hunting in Coloradohunting in Colorado? Ease of breakdown, cleaning, and set up is also key. Two pins in the trigger assembly and one screw cap in the top of the magazine is all it takes to clean your 870. Use a spray can of carburetor cleaner and some break free and you’re good to go! This is an easy clean up after hunting in a dirty pit all day.

As fast as you’ll ever need

Isn’t it easier to shoot an autoloader because all you need to do is pull the trigger? Some people may think so. If you learn to pump your 870 quickly and efficiently, you’ll find that extra second can be used to aim more effectively. It’s more about finding a gun that you’re comfortable with rather than the gun that will have the quickest reload time. Learn to use an 870 with maximum efficiency and you’ll swear by them!

After getting your 870, come on out with us for a hunt! Visit the below link to get yourself booked.

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