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Guided Colorado duck hunting in water blinds or field pits


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If the fast paced action of whistling wings all around you is your thing, then we highly recommend booking a fully guided Colorado duck hunting trip with Birds & Bucks. Whether you fancy an early season open water hunt or a late season field, river, or warm water slough hunt, our experienced guides know how to put the birds right in your face. Colorado experiences a wide variety of ducks (mallard, pintail, redhead, canvasback, widgeon, gadwall, teal) throughout the migration period and our properties will put you right where you need to be.

As we have properties west of I-25, our duck hunting season can begin earlier than most. Properties are also in the early front range goose season so you can enjoy a little of each type of shooting. Check CDOW regulations for specific information.

Colorado Duck Hunting pondColorado Duck Hunting

If you’re interested in doing it yourself, check out our “Waterfowl Hunting Club” page. As you’ll see, our club offers something for everyone.

Early Season Guided Colorado Duck Hunting – $175 per gun (2 gun minimum)

  • These hunts occur before our ponds freeze up. Hunt is 1/2 day or when limits of ducks are harvested.

Early Season Single Gun – $200 per gun

Late Season Guided Duck Hunting – $200 per (2 gun min)

  • These hunts occur in fields, ice or river bottom. Hunts are full day or when group has limited out.

Late Season Single Gun – $220 per gun

For what each of these packages includes, see our “Colorado Goose Hunting” page.

You may or may not need waders for your hunt. If you don’t own a set of waders, please communicate that to your guide before your hunt so appropriate arrangements can be made. We do have loaners as well as locations where waders won’t be necessary.0040244

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