Nebraska Spring Turkey HuntingBirds & Bucks has always strived to find the finest hunting opportunities possible for every season. With this in mind, we’ve acquired two Nebraska Spring Turkey Hunting properties, that you’ll agree, are second to none. Both are semi-guided and will put you on incredible numbers of birds. If you need a guided hunt, we can provide that as well.

Turkeys winter in large groups and begin to break up as the weather warms. The picture above shows two “strutting” toms that are competing for breeding rights on land very close to Hayes Lake. When these gobblers begin to show themselves, they can be decoyed into as few a 1 decoy with a little tricky calling. If you’ve never seen a big Tom charge into the decoys then strut and gobble, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Nebraska guided spring turkey huntingThese hunts include access to up to 10K acres of property, 3 nights in our lodge, and as many turkeys as Nebraska will allow you to harvest for the low price of $495. The ground you’ll be hunting is creek bottom, rangeland, and cropland.

Nebraska Spring Turkey seasons are as follows:

  • Archery March 25 – May 31
  • Youth Shotgun April 11 – May 31
  • Shotgun April 18 – May 31

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