We all have our own opinions on what size shell to use when hunting geese in Colorado. Now I will give you my “two cents” in this Colorado goose hunting tips article. The use of 3.5″ shells is much more common for Colorado geese than it is for ducks. In fact, many manufacturers recommend the practice. You’ll also notice that boxes of 3.5″ shells also cost more than 3″ shells so what manufacturer wouldn’t recommend them?

I’ve never seen a goose that couldn’t be brought down with a 3″ shell at the appropriate range of 40 yards or under. Many hunters will switch from 3″ to 3.5″ shells after they miss a few times thinking they lack the power and distance necessary to drop a big honker. In reality, they probably needed to wait for birds to make a few more passes before calling the shot.

If you’re comfortable with (and can afford) shooting 3.5″ shells, by all means, use them. However, if you know when to call the shot and can aim properly, a 3″ shell with the appropriate load should always do the trick.

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